Embossing is a process utilized to put letters on products, but it uses pressure and heat from a stamp machine. On the other hand, printing sprays ink onto the surface, so it is a different method.

Indenting or embossing requires a metal template (or any other solid substance), which contains graphics and letters you wish to add to the material.

By using pressure, heat, and an appropriate color foil, the material will change and take the shape of your template, either with or without different shades.

stamp machines.

Embossing Issues to Consider

The embossing method is much more expensive than printing because you must prepare the templates for the task. People can offset the price and make it more profitable when producing large quantities by creating one template to use repeatedly.

When you create specific templates for embossing, the cost is divided among the larger quantity of printing materials.

However, when performing embossing in small quantities or for one project, it’s even more expensive. Therefore, you can combine ready-made icons and letters for the embossment you need for your product. Later, you’ll disassemble the combination and use the pieces for other templates.

Here are a few other difficulties embossing can bring about:

  • You must place the embossment on a product (book, wallet, bag, etc.) The embossing has to be in a specific place, and it’s often difficult to choose the best spot.
  • Every material requires a different level of pressure and heat to change the shape. It’s often difficult to know how to control or modify them for the best results.

Single embossments have a specific challenge – composing a template. You’ll need to create a whole text with mirror writing, looking for spelling mistakes, errors, and letters while checking everything periodically. Plus, you’re dependent on a small quantity of letters. For example, if the letter “y” appears 15 times in the text, you’ll require 15 “y” templates.

How a Hot Stamping Machine Can Help

You can avoid many of the issues discussed above when you use a stamping machine. Here are a few things to consider:

  • A camera determines where the embossing takes place. There’s a permanent video snapshot of the piece, so the text gets dragged onto your picture. The process is performed the way it’s shown on the screen, so there are no mistakes or issues.
  • You don’t have to organize the letters because a computer controls the letter wheel on the machine. In fact, you type out the text on the screen, which shows the product’s snapshot. Then, the letter wheel comes out and embosses the information in the correct spots. There are no limitations about repeating letters because you can reuse them as needed.
  • A computer controls the entire embossing procedure, including the levels of pressure and heat. Therefore, it’s possible to repeat the process until you achieve satisfactory results. The data is then saved so that you can achieve accuracy for all of your embossments on similar materials. Manual machines, on the other hand, do things based on the operator’s experience.
  • You can also use the templates with a special wheel if needed. The computer controls everything, making it a quick and easy process.

How the Gold Letter Stamp Machine Can Benefit You

Gold Letter has created a hot foil personalization machine, which is often called a hot stamping machine. Everything is computerized and automated, so you can make hundreds of customized products based on your needs.

You don’t have to hire special operators or acquire specialty skills to use the stamp machine. It’s suitable for beginners and comes with instructions for operation and installation.

The hot stamping machine features an online camera, as well. This gives you a real-time image and a full preview of the work to be done. Therefore, it’s intuitive and accessible for everyone.

Whether you’re stamping notebooks, wallets, diaries, wooden boxes, or smartphone cases, there’s a generous stamping area of about 18 to 25 cm. The characters on the wheel could be printed on the full surface during the process.

Though many people don’t consider it, a stamp machine used in a business should have a professional aesthetic. You’ll get that with the Gold Letter product. While you might choose it for workshop or factory use, shops can also enjoy the embosser, allowing them to customize customer products for more money.

Another perk is that the product is delivered as a ready-to-use kit. This includes:

  • The machine
  • The software
  • The integrated computer
  • The keyboard
  • The screen
  • A character wheel (120 to 140 characters)
  • Accessories
  • Foil rolls
hot stamping machine

Where to Find Professional Stamp Machines

Are you interested in a stamp machine? These products can help you offer customization to your customers and promote your brand more effectively.

Gold Letter is the top choice for stamp machines. Whether you’re an individual who wants to create amazing scrapbooks or add elegant touches to family photo albums, you can achieve your goals with this product.