So who are we you ask?

In 1950, the late Mordechai Nathan Miller founded Miller Publishing and the Art of Judaica, which has now been active in the field for more than 60 years, and is a leading brand in leather art and the binding of sacred and Judaic products.

Jacob Miller — electro-optics engineer, physicist, entrepreneur— a grandson of the late Rabbi Mordechai Nathan Miller, took the family’s knowledge and built a technological solution to the problem of manual embossing. And thus Gold Letter by Miller Systems was born. An international company that began its business activities in 2013, it provides technological solutions for precise embossing by a computerized machine that is fast, simple and easy to operate — just like using a printer at home.

Among our customers you will find album manufacturers, gift manufacturers, businesses from the printing industry, the textile industry and more.

Our machine gives you the possibility to produce complex embossings with multiple texts, of a high quality, on a variety of different products.

Various surfaces of different thicknesses can be embossed, from paper and cardboard to wood, sky, plexiglass and leather, utilizing our machine that is easy-to-use and maintain, saving our customers’ costs and increasing production.

We at Gold Letter by Miller Systems offer you an opportunity to move forward with us towards the technology that will change the field.

You are invited to tour our site, learn about our services and the products we offer. And, as always, we are happy to be at your disposal.