About the Machine

Gold Letter is an advanced machine that embosses text on leather, P.U., Sky and other types of cover materials. The embossing is computerized, with no need to arrange letters by hand or to make a template. The machine’s computer simulation before printing enables extremely accurate and precise embossing every time.

Forget About Manual Work

The Gold Letter embossing process is automatic. There is no need to arrange letters by hand or for a template. With the assistance of special editing software, you can edit and create complete simulations of the desired embossing before printing. The user-friendly software is easy to operate and requires less than five minutes of training!

Suitable for a Variety of Products

Gold Letter is designed for a wide variety of finished products of different thicknesses. You can print on all cover types (P.U., fabric, leather, restored leather, cardboard, lamination and more) of books, packages and boxes.

There are Endless Possibilities

Our machine utilizes wheels that are easily interchangeable; each with a choice of 120 different characters. There is no longer any need to pre-arrange letters by hand or to use double letters, and there is no need any longer to order a template.

Complete and Easy Control

With Gold Letter, the user has complete control of all the embossing settings and process. Each embossing has three parameters: pressure (printing depth), duration and temperature. In a manual machine, controlling these values requires a great amount of skill and experience to achieve a satisfactory result.

About the Gold Letter Machine