The stamping machine that’s revolutionizing the industry

Looking to add that elegant touch to a wedding album? Or maybe add a golden name to a gift for that special someone? Embossing bestows beauty upon a diverse array of products. Embrace the sophistication that embossing brings, creating a product to be cherished with pride by anyone fortunate enough to possess it.

Introducing our revolutionary technology, the automated Gold Letter Hot foil stamping machine, making embossing easier and faster than ever before! This cutting-edge device is a complete game-changer, providing your business with a significant competitive edge. Whether you’re an album designer, run a printing business or a souvenir shop, or are involved in the fashion industry, the Gold Letter Hot foil machine is the ultimate tool to unlock endless possibilities for your venture.

Hot foil stamping machine
gold letters

Goodbye manual work

All of Gold Letter’s processes are automated. You can effortlessly edit and create complete simulations of your desired embossing before printing, using our special editing software. With just a few minutes of training, you’ll bid farewell to the days of arranging letters by hand and creating templates. Say hello to the future of embossing with Gold Letter!

Designed for a variety of products

Gold Letter is specifically engineered for a variety of products, providing seamless compatibility with different thicknesses to meet all your needs. Whether you’re printing on various cover types such as P.U., fabric, leather, restored leather, cardboard, lamination, and more, you can rely on our Hot foil stamping machine to deliver the best results guaranteed.

Efficiency meets creativity

Hand-arranged templates and manual lettering are all a thing of the past. Our cutting-edge machine is changing the industry for good. The future of embossing is here!

Total Control Made Simple

With Gold Letter, you’ve got full control and autonomy over the embossing process and its settings. Each embossing hinges on three key parameters: pressure (printing depth), duration, and temperature. Unlike manual machines, our innovative process ensures excellent results without requiring prior experience, making premium service accessible to all.

Empower Your Business with Gold Letter

At Gold Letter, we don’t just claim to be the best solution for your business; we aim to enhance your efficiency and streamline your processes. Here’s why our Hot foil machine stands out: 

  • No more manual work, letter arranging or template building. Gold Letter automates these tasks, saving you time and effort.
  • Precision through simulation: prior to printing, our machine runs a simulation to ensure precise and accurate embossing, tailored to your needs.
  • Versatile printing capabilities: Gold Letter handles all cover types of books, boxes, and packages, accommodating diverse materials effortlessly.
  • Take control: with Gold Letter, you’re in charge. Our user-friendly machine gives you full control, regardless of your previous experience.
  • Expert support at your fingertips: our team is ready to assist you with any questions or requests, providing exceptional customer service.