About our machine

Gold Letter is an advanced, computer-based system that imprints text on leather, PU, artificial leather, and other cover types. As a computer-supported system, the imprinting requires no letter arrangement or printing plates. With Gold Letter, the imprinting result is extremely precise thanks to simulation before execution.

Complete and easy control

With Gold Letter, the user has complete control of the imprinting settings. Each imprinting job is based on three parameters of pressure (the imprinting depth), waiting time and temperature. The result is greatly superior to manual imprinting systems, which require strong manual skills and experience to achieve a satisfactory result.

Endless possibilities

The actual imprinting takes place with easily interchangeable wheels, each with a choice of 120 different characters eliminating the need for pre-arrangement of letters or ordering plates.

Suitable for a range of product

Designed for a broad range of finished products of varied thickness, Gold Letter supports all cover types (fabric, PU, leather, reconstructed leather, cardboard, lamination, and more) of books, boxes, and any other package.

Forget about manual work

Gold Letter provides an automated printing process. A dedicated editor feature allows preparing a full simulation of the required imprinting before execution. The user-friendly editor requires no more than 5 minutes of training to master.

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